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Sistemas de Excelencia is a company with more than 25 years experience offering consultation, training, analysis, development and implementation in solutions of Technology of information.

"Our projects, made in Colombia, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Ecuador, have helped us to accumulate a daily increasing experience, thus permitting us to reach our clients with successful projects"

We are proud of our quality products, as well as of our commitment and responsibility in delivering projects on time and within budget. Our clients are our best reference.

Our Services


Financial Systems and Credit Cards Sytems. Including: Credit Analysis System, Collection System, Legal Module, Cash Flow Module, POS and Establishments Management System, Switch PCI, Electronic capture System, among others.


High Control and Securities Systems. Data encryption. High Availability Systems. PCI and EMV certified Securities Standards and Procedures.

Oil Companies Software

Systems for oil or gas station and franchised stations. Billing Control of Stations, Delivery and Reception System, Cash Closure Control System, Control Franchises System.

The Cloud Service

Access to your information from anywhere in the world and from any device. Create Portals for your customers. Use the advantages of e-commerce. Diverse options to potentiate your business through Internet.

Personalized Proyects

Projects developed according to the needs of our customers and with the policies and procedures defined by them.

Electronic Documents

Services of Management and Processing Electronic Document, Digital Signature and Electronic Billing SRI.

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